Daily Pattern by Annika Syrjämäki
by Harry / February 8, 2012

Annika Syrjämäki's Daily Pattern textiles are the product of digital data, specifically content from six different english speaking daily newspapers.

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Daily Pattern explores the possibilities of fabric as a carrier of digital content, in this instance the daily news is used as the inspiration and content of the resulting patterns.


Says Syrjämäki, "Often textile design is approached from a purely aesthetic perspective where the final result is based on stylistic, rather than conceptual choices... [I] wanted to design textiles that also have a communicative function, in which the resulting form is a direct product of the content itself."


"The information shouldn't be too obvious, as a hidden meaning will more likely stand the passage of time, and make the textile more interesting".


"At the moment there is a lot focus on the technical development of fabric, which I think is very interesting, but the innovation in the pattern itself stays the same, I would like to make a difference in this field as well".


For Daily Pattern a database was created to contain news scraped from six different english speaking newspapers from all over the world, then a program was developed to translate the data into a pattern.


"For this project I used news as source, but I can see other possibilities as well, transforming data of any kind into a pattern. With the possibilities nowadays to produce smaller amounts of textile and wall-covering it would be possible for companies or persons to have their data transformed into an unique pattern".

Daily Pattern will be shown at the Apeldoorn Center for Contemporary Culture from February 18 to March 17, 2012.

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