MOCO'11: Step aside solar panels, the future is microbe powered
by Harry / January 5, 2012

In the fictional Back To The Future movie series Doc Brown invents a time travel machine powered by a fusion generator that uses garbage as fuel. Last October Netherlands-based giant Philips showed us the Microbial Home, an integrated cyclical ecosystem where each household function's output is another's input - all powered by waste. The future may actually be garbage powered after all.

Yes, it was just a concept, but a compelling one, based on science and elegantly executed. A steampunkish kitchen island that converts vegetable trimmings to methane gas that powers the lights, a terracotta and wood larder concept/ dining table that challenges our use of refrigeration and food storage, an awe-inspiring glass urban beehive shaped like a inverted drop of honey, and more (and for our other Back To The Future favorite, a lamp that uses the same maglev technology as this Hoverboard).

It captured our imagination in October, join us on Twitter and Facebook for more of yours, and our, October 2011 favorites until tomorrow.

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