MOCO'11: What's wrong with this lamp?
by Harry / January 4, 2012

What's wrong with this lamp? Besides the bit missing between the top and bottom halves of the lampshade? It's the fact that it's a neat trick - with little functional value.

(Click the image below for full sized image)


One of the most popular posts in September of 2011, this floating lamp is without a doubt a marvel of technology and design that took its creators, Angela Jansen and Ger Jansen, years to develop and bring to market.

But we think magnetic levitation (and the Jansens) has far more potential than that. And so, as a first step, we applaud the lamp and we hope that this is just the beginning of great things to come. For those who think alike, Crealev makes and sells levitation modules, one of which powers this Hoverboard by Nils Guadagnin (see our other Back To The Future favorite, a concept home powered by garbage).

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