MOCO'11: Life in lo-rez
by Harry / January 3, 2012

Anyone who has played videogames in the 90's (we have!) will recognize the blocky look of, say, SimCity, the result of constraints in processing power and graphics software of the time. It's what life looks like in 16-bit, in other words low resolution.

Our month-by-month review of 2011's notable objects & architecture continues with August where we saw Chieh-Ting Huang's Urban Camper Lighting, pictured above.


Botoxlamp By Drew Seskunas & SAQ Architects

3D imaging tools have advanced tremendously since then to the point where computer generated images can now be eerily lifelike. Yet the fascination with life in low resolution, and faceted variations thereof, has increased as well. And from our point of view, object design in 2011 benefited from designers embracing basic geometry.


Maketicus Precision Knife By Art. Lebedev Studio

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Novum Magazine Cover By Paperlux

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