MOCO'11: Color with purpose
by Harry / January 2, 2012

In what was arguably a gray year for design, color wasn't completely muted, but it was used with more discretion. Simon Moorhouse's ISO System 216 sideboard (above) used slight color variations to highlight the differences between the sizes of drawers, each of which based on an international standard ISO paper size, ie., A4.


It's now July in our month-by-month review of 2011's notable objects & architecture and where much of MOCO LOCO is edited, July is usually a colorful month of summer. Above, natural color serves to distinguish edible fruit and vegetable papers by de culinaire werkplaats.


Dennis Parren's pendant lamp is shaped like a graphic outline used for alignment in printing and here casts shadows in color separation colors CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow).

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