Help, I Have a Stuffy Nose
by Harry / October 24, 2011

New York-based Help Remedies, the creator of over-the-counter medicine in minimalist (and calming) packaging, is relaunching tomorrow.


MOCO featured the original Help concept back in 2008. The new packaging, designed in conjunction with PearlFisher, is launching with the bold statement "Take Less", calling out big pharma for its excesses and promoting the idea of moderation in OTC drugs.


Says Help, "In a category that traditionally promotes more, extra, bigger, faster, etc., boutique pharma company Help is communicating a unique message, that less - less drugs, less dyes, less coatings - is sometimes more."

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Founded in 2008 by former ad executives Richard Fine and Nathan Frank, Help began as a passion project - a response to personal distrust and confusion with OTC products, packaging and language. The brand quickly amassed a cult following for its simple, eco-friendly packaging, clever product monikers, and online wit in what is characteristically a staid category.


After the launch in 2008, Help discovered some problems bigger than packaging. "Drug companies' ongoing need to make more and sell more results in a proliferation of complicated and unclear products - mixed active ingredients, higher dosages, unnecessary dyes and coatings. All of this nonsense makes for a confused consumer, who very often has little idea what drugs they are actually consuming when they reach for a bottle of pain medicine," says Help Co-Founder and CEO Richard Fine.

Help hopes to improve the situation by promising consumers less:

• Less drugs - All of Help's medicines are made with single active ingredients (help, I have a headache, for example, contains only acetaminophen, whereas some other headache medicines contain two or three drugs.)

• Less dyes - Help's drugs are made with no dyes and the fewest possible coatings. Much of the coating and colors on popular drugs is decoration with no medical benefit.

• Less confusion - Each product is titled after the symptom it is meant to solve, e.g., help I have allergies, instead of a brand name, so people understand clearly what they are taking and what they are taking it for.

"While the company encourages consumers to 'Take Less', Help isn't an anti-drug company; in fact they are a drug company; one that understands and values the importance of medicine, yet thinks that simplicity and moderation are desperately needed in the industry."


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