Bilancia di Archimede by Autori Vari
by Harry / October 10, 2011

A kitchen scale that uses Archimede's Buoyancy Principle is just one of many items in new design brand Autori Vari's first collection.


Bilancia di Archimede

Says Autori Vari, "Perfect calibration, high quality ceramics: just plunge Bilancia di Archimede into the water and watch."


Uno Per Tutti, Tutti Per Uno

Pascal's Principle is applied in the Uno Per Tutti, Tutti Per Uno dispenser which evenly distributes and aerates wine poured into it. Four adjustable pvc arms adapt to glasses of all shapes and sizes.


Vaso Comunicante

Vaso Comunicante makes use of another fundamental principle of physics to help take care of cut flowers. The level of water inside the main vase is always visible, and the double opening makes it easier to add water whenever flowers need it.



Sorellina takes up the space of a single chair, but its simple, functional lines hide a surprise: another chair.

+ Autori Vari

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