Superdesign 2011 Preview: Ghost Chair by Studio Drift
by Harry / September 17, 2011

Studio Drift will be showing its Ghost Chair, above, at London's 5th annual Superdesign design art exhibition next month.

From October 13th to 17th, 2011, SuperDesign will exhibit specially commissioned studio pieces by both well known and emerging designers. By bringing together collections from leading galleries and pioneering designers, Superdesign seeks to emphasise the current synergy between design and the visual arts.

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Ghost Chair by Studio Drift

The Ghost collection by Studio Drift is a futuristic concept of a chair; a 3D image captured within the boundaries of its outer shell. The chairs are handmade using a unique 3D technique to create unusual subsurface drawings inside the solid Plexiglas chairs. The "inner ghost" is made from over a million tiny air bubbles, the image a reflection of light on air, thus the name Ghost Chair.


Glacier chaise lounge by Brodie Neill

Designed by Brodie Neill, Glacier is a cast glass chaise lounge with sculptural lucidity and elegance. The smooth fluid-like shape consists of a single swooping gesture; an energy captured in optically transparent glass. The once fluid material flows from the central core counterbalancing the outstretched planes of the overall lounge. Glacier is hand cast and polished by master craftsmen in the Czech Republic, the glass is annealed and strengthened over an 80 day cooling process.


Erosion Table by Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh's Erosion Table is from his `Erosion series, that looks to emphasise the patterns of erosion as a form, the energy and the removal of material, the relationship between the original composition of material and the eroded form.

Superdesign will be staged at 33 Portland Place in London.


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