BotoxLamp by Drew Seskunas & SAQ Architects
by Harry / August 26, 2011

Drew Seskunas has collaborated with architects SAQ to create an interactive light installation that can sense and interact with users that approach it.

The lamp's surface, made of bent plasma-cut aluminum in a geometric pattern, contains a sensor that detects movement which is then relayed to a series of LEDs.

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The lights then react in concert, beaming through open facets.


Says Seskunas, "BotoxLamp fluctuates between states of alert presence and rambling unconsciousness, comparable to rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning in the distance."


BotoxLamp is a prototype for a larger interactive light installation and was designed by Seskunas in collaboration with architecture firm SAQ, with sponsorship from Zumtobel and The Principals.

More from Drew Seskunas:

The Artist/Architect Drew Seskunas presents his new work, entitled BotoxLamp, a lighting object which is sensitive to ambient shadow levels and human presence, completed in collaboration with SAQ Architects. BotoxLamp is the second phase of Seskunas' BotoxTrilogy, a cycle studying the transformation of flat surfaces to complex geometries and the resulting interactive potentials of their multi-layered facets. BotoxLamp was first presented at the 2011 DMY in Berlin.

Composed of a single, contained unit, BotoxLamp is folded from plasma-cut Aluminum sheets. Inside a networked series of LEDs are distributed throughout its facets. A coded micro-controller links a series of light and distance sensors which orchestrate the lighting states. Reading its surroundings through sensors, BotoxLamp fluxuates between states of alert presence and rambling unconciousness, comparable to rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning in the distance. The design was originally conceived for the large-scale urban renewal project Bikini Berlin, which Drew managed the design of while he was director of SAQ Berlin.

Beginning with BotoxCloud, presented at the Zirkumflex Gallery in February 2011, BotoxLamp will be followed by the third and final phase of the BotoxTrilogy; BotoxUtopia, an exterior interactive installation to be completed as a student workshop at the Milan Politecnico in September 2011.


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