Ljus Chair by Zackery Belanger
by Ted Savage / August 17, 2011

A highly unique chair by Zackery Belanger, intense in both concept and execution, was designed by "applying swarm intelligence to a three-dimensional point cloud of [model] Leah Jung."

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"By giving each point in the cloud autonomy and assessing mathematical relationships to surrounding points, swarm behavior was harnessed, and through a linearly-constrained transformation, a chair based on the human form was defined." Think ant colony self-organizing into a design!


"This experimental process is not arbitrary: the spatial relationships between points represent the complex and beautiful geometry of the individual, and under careful transformation some of these relationships are maintained. The shape of the seat and back, and the curved surfaces of the sides are a direct response to the properties of the human body."


The final product was assembled and finished by hand, "each of its 1804 blocks individually laid, like bricks, using a ruler and a reference plane." Made from MDF, latex and steel.

Photos: Michael Hahn.

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