Vienna Bike by Valentin Vodev
by Harry / July 30, 2011

Valentin Vodev has created an electrically assisted tricycle called the Vienna Bike that rides with the feeling of a two-wheeler.

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Thanks to an innovative steering and unique suspension system, the trike rides like a bike.


Of particular note, the trike is extremely narrow for a tricycle, only 35 cm between the back wheels, so that it can be stored like any bike.


With a single charge, the Vienna Bike can reach a distance of up to 60 km when assisted - by pedaling - and reach a speed of up to 22 km/h. It uses a 230/ 110 V plug and the total charging time is 3 hours.


It also has a unique folding system for easy transport.


Says Vodev, "Custom Vienna Bike cargo boxes can load up to 150 litres or around 40 kg of shopping goods - more than the trunk of some small cars!"


"The loading platform features a quick release fixing for easy securings and switching loads. A specially designed children╩╝s seat can also be mounted for powered-up rides with the child."

The Vienna Bike will have its first ever public showing at this year's Bridgestone Eco-Rally (today).


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