Opera Fireplace by Sebastian Errazuriz
by Harry / June 29, 2011

A 600 pound Italian marble fireplace by Sebastian Errazuriz doubles as the proscenium arch for a miniature opera made of wood taking place inside.

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The limited edition Opera Fireplace is an attempt to capture Errazuriz's fascination with fireplaces - which he has long believed has a strong resemblance to opera stages.


Hand carved out of 600 pounds of Italian marble, the Opera fireplace recreates an opera stage complete with its curtains, stage, floorboards and stairs made of wood.


The marble stage was developed to be fully functional and designed to be installed in any house. Every Opera fireplace includes several wooden "actors" hand carved out of logs of maple together with a wood backstage structure.


Sebastian Errazuriz wants rich art collectors to install the marble Opera in their home; open an expensive bottle of wine and warm up their house by burning down both the stage and the actors with their own personal drama unfolding in their marble home theatre.


New wooden actors can be re-ordered for a substantial price after they have been burnt.


Opera Fireplace was the result of numerous sketches and blueprints. The marble carving was done by hand in Brooklyn by Sebastian Errazuriz and two marble craftsmen and took several months due to the complexity of the work and thickness of the marble.

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