Époque Chair Wybren van Keulen
by Harry / June 16, 2011

Dutch designer Wybren van Keulen has created a chair with curves and sharp folds reminiscent of times passed, with the appearance of mass, but is surprisingly lightweight.


Époque, by Eftwelve, is an indoor-outdoor chair unique in form, dimensions and material. Says Eftwelve, "Back rest, seat and legs all blend seamlessly in a single piece. Hand made in fiberglass reinforced resin, the chair is made to last yet surprisingly lightweight. A high gloss finish gives the product its classy look."


"Designing Époque, studied choices were made in form, comfort, material and the ability to actually produce the chair. The end product is a chair you can tell apart by its unique form and unconventional dimensions, both contributing to a surprisingly active yet easy seat."




+ eftwelve.nl


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