Clouds by Asif Khan
by Harry / June 15, 2011

At Design Miami/Basel architect-designer Asif Khan is showing Clouds made of soapsuds and helium.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


One of a handful of W Hotels Designers of the Future installations at Design Miami/Basel, Clouds combines foaming bubbles with helium and fishing nets that hover overhead forming a cloud-like ceiling.


According to the Design Miami blog, "As an architect-designer, Asif is always experimenting with novel materials and structures, and lately he's been testing the idea of using foaming bubbles as an architectural element."


Says Khan, "Cloud is a work of experimental architecture: a floating roof made simply from helium gas, water and soap; an instantly deployable canopy for conversations in the shade."


"I believe that in the future architecture will be light, intelligent and simple - like clouds. The Cloud experiment is about beginning that process to discover the future of architecture. Maybe we can carry a building in our pocket?"


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