de culinaire werkplaats by Marjolein Wintjes & Eric Meuring
by Jaime / June 14, 2011

de culinaire werkplaats is an eating concepts restaurant that among other specialties is particularly known for its fruit and vegetable paper.

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Close-up of strawberry paper.

Founded by textile designer Marjolein Wintjes and chef Eric Meuring, de culinaire werkplaats focuses on a blend of food, design and art.


Close-up of edible paper made with red wine and onion slices.

A wide range of fruit and vegetable paper is made in-house and used both in their dishes and for conceptual art work.


Close-up of red cabbage and fennel paper.

The paper, which is created from the juice of blended plants, is laid flat in a de-hyrdrator and later used for a variety of purposes.


Eric Meuring with a selection of food paper.

Each meal at the restaurant highlights one of the flavored papers during its five courses.


A necklace crafted from blackberries.

Wintjes and Meuring have also used the paper in other projects, promoting the idea of sustainable fashion by creating clothing and accessories with the edible paper.


The result is elegant and visually striking, creating a personal connection between food, the creator and the consumer.


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