Faraday Tea Set by Free Time Industries
by Harry / June 13, 2011

Most people make tea with their backs to their guests, hunched over a kettle on a stove. With Faraday the whole process takes place on a table - with your guests.

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Faraday is a concept project, a borosilicate glass and maple tea service with an induction plate in the tray. Says Free Time Industries, "Faraday merges the task of preparing tea with the social experience of consuming it."


"The use of induction technology allows the boiling of water to take place at the table, without a stovetop or a steel kettle. Neither the serving try nor the objects upon it get hot while the water boils within the glass vessel."


Free Time Industries is aptly named, designers Kate Bailey, Ariana Budner, Naomi Parker and Amber R Murray dedicate their personal free time to get the company on its feet.

Now Free Time Industries is ready to take their company to the next level by attending the next NY Gift Fair. Read more (and help) here.


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