Entrapment Table by Misha Kahn
by Harry / May 27, 2011

One of the highlights of ICFF 2011 was a table by Misha Kahn with strands of glass fiber plastic woven into the table top and the same strands below, baked, supporting it.

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The pattern on the surface of the table is based on an American Chippendale tray stencil, says Kahn, "that would have been an 18th century DIY project. I thought it was appropriate to appropriate the pattern and give it an update, making it the the structural component of the table, rather than a decorative motif."


Tray stencil pattern

The embroidery in the tabletop serves as the footing for the twin-twex fiber, which is woven through some 2,000 holes to make up the patterning. The table top is made of Ash, and is ebonized and burnt, with a bleached laser cut inset.

+ mishakahn.com


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