Huddle Tables by Matthew Kroeker
by Harry / May 11, 2011

Matthew Kroeker has created a series of tables with an array of Robertson machine screws arranged into bowl shapes on the table tops.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says designer Matthew Kroeker, "Robertson machine screws are meticulously arranged into three effective bowl shapes, each being permanently fixed to their base counterparts. It is here where the screw, perhaps the definitive object of utility, is transformed into something elegant and impulsive; a far stretch from the original purpose of these fasteners."


"Now, these tightly-knit arrays of screws are given the task of holding your everyday objects, but also content being left untouched and only observed."


"The prototypes are crafted using FSC-certified walnut veneer and formaldehyde free plywood. For the table tops, the process begins by machining aluminum plates on a five-axis CNC mill. The machine drills and threads the holes within the intricate pattern with impressive accuracy. To finish the job, hundreds of Robertson machine screws are carefully put in place by hand, and then painted with a durable powder-coated finish."



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