Landscape Textile Collection by AK-LH
by Harry / May 10, 2011

A collection of household textile items with woodcut-like prints inspired by the landscapes of masters like Dürer, Turner and Monet. Above, Landscape oven mitts.

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Landscape apron

Made 100% in France, the collection includes linen (aprons for adults and kids, kitchen mitts and double-mitts, tea towels, placemats), cushions (40x40 cm and 50x50 cm) and bags (toilet bags, pencils cases, pouches).


Landscape oven mitt

Says designer François Le Helloco Boulenger, "Patterns and colours fit harmoniously together, as a tribute to 'Mother Earth' beauty. Inspired by the ancient landscapes masters like Dürer, Turner and Monet, this collection is also a reflexion about links between nature and abstract painting of the 20th century."


Landscape tea towel


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