Food Furniture by Pinch Food Design
by Harry / May 5, 2011

Pinch Food Design co-founder TJ Girard has created a series of sculptural serving pieces that feature thoughtful details that regular serving pieces don't address.

Pinch Food Design is a NYC-based food and design company that's launching this month. Paying equal attention to food and design, the company has re-imagined every aspect of entertaining.

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SPIN skewer spoon

SPIN for example, is a sleek stainless steel implement that's half skewer/half spoon, allows the user to easily 'spin' between two contrasting (often wet/dry) foods, says Pinch "like peanut butter funnel cake and concord grape panna cotta, or saffron mussels and broth-soaked bread."


Walnut Matrix

Pinch's rendition of a tray, the Walnut Matrix is more of a functional sculpture. "Architectural in design, the Walnut Matrix is a series of blocks in different heights,
each one crafted in walnut, a beautiful contrast to the white glossy base. The
surface of the blocks serves as little pedestals for hors d'oeuvres, and each
surface has a subtle dip to ensure the food doesn't slip. The base includes a
built-in compartment for napkins, or napkin nook, a clever and thoughtful design
feature found in many of Pinch's passing trays and food stations."


Amoeba Tray

The Amoeba Tray consists of four concentric tiers, each one a platform for presenting hors d'oeuvres. The center of the tray is slightly sunken to form a shallow vase for decorative and aromatic herbs.


"At a Pinch party, you might see a massive wall spiked with SPINS that hold hors d'oeuvres. Instead of buffets, Pinch has come up with 'interactions', food stations that offer guests a more interactive and designed presentation of food - think over-sized Lazy Susans filled with Korean banchan, and custom-built pushcarts filled with sweet spiced vegetable cakes (Pinch's version of a dessert cart)."



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