AlessiLux Lamps by Anghini, Chiave and Gooris
by Harry / April 22, 2011

Design brand Alessi's ongoing exploration of new fields of production that are "Alessi-able" (to quote founder Alberto Alessi) has led it to the light bulb and a collaboration with manufacturer Foreverlamp.


Lumière Desk with Abatjour Gold bulb by Giovanni Alessi Anghini and Gabriele Chiave

A completely new sector for Alessi, the common light bulb now becomes an object of design with its own personality, innovative shape and variety of colours.


Vienna bulb by Frederic Gooris

Alessi asked a group of young designers; Giovanni Alessi Anghini, Gabriele Chiave and Frederic Gooris to create the frames and the lighting system for the "AlessiLux" collection.

The new designs were made possible by the great potential of LED technology, which allows the creation of small, vibration-free sources of light thus offering new possibilities.


Polaris bulb by Frederic Gooris

Says Alberto Alessi, "The topic brought us towards a kind of evaporation of the boundaries between light bulbs and lamps in a most natural way: actually, some of the projects are probably closer to a real lamp than to a simple bulb.


I think that the new operation with Foreverlamp is going to blaze a trail for a revolutionary story in the world of lighting: it's as if hiding those boring, anonymous and often truly ugly light bulbs will no longer be necessary..."


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