Nello Mirror by Caroline Ziegler
by Harry / March 16, 2011

Suspended from a rubber rope Caroline Ziegler's Nello mirror defies gravity. Just like a tightrope walker it slightly rocks on the rope reflecting faces and objects around it.

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The two sided polished stainless steel disk reveals a clear or abstract image.


Alternately mirror, sculpture or daydreaming object, set free from the wall it quivers in the air as would a mobile.


Says the Coming Soon gallery, "with Nello, Ziegler skillfully revisits a traditional object and offers a contemporary and creative vision of the mirror: Nello is a mirror that plays with weightlessness. Its a two-sided mirror, a disc of polished stainless steel attached to a wire of soft neoprene that diffuses light, reflects the fire of the sun, and reveals pure or abstract images. "


Photos: Baptiste Heller

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