Horn iPod Dock by Shi-hyung Jeon
by Harry / March 15, 2011

Korean architect Shi-hyung Jeon has created an art piece for iPod made of HI-MACS® that delivers a full spectrum of sound in a podium shaped like traditional Han-bok and Beo-seon clothes.

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The Horn stand is a hand-made artwork that reinterprets the "line of sleeve in Han-bok & Beo-seon and the color of Moo-myung" (above).


Jeon tested several different materials before settling on the material. Says LG Hausys (the makers of HI-MACS®), "This was due to its non-porous features and to the minimal vibrations that the material generates in contact with the speakers."


"Therefore HI-MACS® helps to drive the vibration of the speaker enclosure and it allows minimal diffraction of sound, with a curved design that generates the purest result from the music."


The thermoforming properties of HI-MACS® were essential to create the smooth curved shape of the Horn iPod podium.

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