Toronto Design Week 2011: Robert Southcott
by Harry / January 26, 2011

MOCO's Toronto Design Week coverage begins tomorrow, but here's a preview of what designer Robert Southcott will be showing. Above, Little Hatchet, a multi functional pendant which incorporates a flat head, phillips and robertson screw driver.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


"for small jobs and quick fixes, the Little Hatchet"



"Simulating the alluring crystalline anatomy of ice crystals. Correlation links common forms together constructing inherently uncommon arrangements. Individual bodies become codependent on the surrounding collective of like partners which communally act as both surface and structure."


Jet Set

Paper airplane hooks.

Fly with me

"Activated through distance and proximity communication between the viewer and the work. A distance sensors responsively converts relayed data into real time visual output, developing an engaging array of light which captures the essence and motion of flight"


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