The Rhythm of Light by Susanne de Graef
by Harry / January 20, 2011

A suspended light made of delicate threads and hoops, reminiscent of a 19th century hoop skirt, slowly moves up and down with a counterweight in Susanne de Graef's Rhythm of Light. Watch the video below.

Five concentric aluminum rings form the skeleton of the lamp through which are threaded hundreds of multicolored strings spaced slightly apart from one another.


The lamp and its movement references the cyclical nature of time, add the color and you get the living properties of light.



The rhythm of light is supplemented by the verse,
a poem from Susanne de Graef:

A day begins,
the sun rises.

The sun starts her daily rhythm,
she rises and she sets,

This is a never-ending story with
a beginning and an end,
it repeats itself every day.

The light we use in our houses is very static,
almost like it's something that's frozen,
But light is not something that is static,
it lives.

Light is movement,
it has its own rhythm.

I designed a lamp with its own rhythm.
The user decides the rhythm of the lamp by
moving the lamp up and down,
the layers mingle,
the light get's diffuse and the layers turn into
a game of colours.


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