Glowbelly Steamboat by Tan Lun Cheak
by Harry / December 8, 2010

From Tan Lun Cheak, an iconic glass dining table centerpiece that can be used either as a bowl or a table lamp.


Created for the traditional Chinese New Year family reunion dinner, "Glowbelly is a modern take on the steamboat, when not used for cooking or dining, can be flipped around to function as a beautiful lamp; encouraging the joyful memories of past reunion dinners to continue to glow and is an ever-present reminder of the values and ingredients that go into making a happy family."


Glowbelly is to be made of pyro-ceramics, a special glass used for cookware. Pyro-ceramics can withstand extreme temperature changes allowing it to be used in the freezer and directly onto the stove or in the oven.


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