Pixels XL by CDRoig
by sabine7 / October 6, 2010

Simple squares with a magnetic backing that can be arranged to form murals which can also be changed on a whim were a hit last week in Valencia. Going by the name of Pixels XL and created by design studio CDRoig, the colourful squares are placed on walls treated with metallic paint of any colour.


The idea behind the "pixels" is that it should be easy to transform the walls of a living space without too much fuss or muss. By using magnets, there is no need for nails or adhesives that will damage the walls. All it takes is a smooth surface.


The squares are available in various materials such as wood, aluminium, or pvc, and come in a wide range of colours. Users have access to templates through Pixels XL or may create their own murals by adapting their unique designs to the desired space.


The Pixels XL system is suitable for temporary use, as well, such as for exhibitions or commercial kiosks at trade shows or conferences.


Maria Roig

Whether you are creating a simple border or a large-scale pixelated portrait, the Pixels XL squares are fun and easy to use.


Pixels XL were shown at the NUDE exhibition during Feria Hábitat Valencia during Valencia Disseny Week 2010.

+ pixelsxl.com
+ cdroig.com
+ feriahabitatvalencia.com


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