PS11-TR07 Tangram Block Sofa by Designskin
by sabine7 / September 9, 2010

The tangram is a dissection or transformation puzzle made up of seven pieces that are put together to compose specific shapes, and likewise, transformation is the key to this Tangram Block Sofa by Designskin.


Made up of three connected sofa frames and seven tangram blocks, the set can be transformed into a sofa, mattress or desk. The modular aspect of this set allows it to be changed on a whim, which makes it ideal for kids. However, given the 1800mm length, even adults can make themselves comfortable.


Korean studio Designskin bases its work on the concepts of play and fun, so its products are designed to be used both as furniture and playthings. The sofa frames contain a steel insert for support and the cover is an easy-wipe polyurethane.


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