Pieces of π by Dik Scheepers
by sabine7 / September 3, 2010

Instead of smoothing out seams in his ceramic, Dik Scheepers highlights them as points of interest in his Pieces of π.

Although we strive for perfection in manufacturing, this goal does not reflect the state of the world around us. Scheepers finds that when aspects of products hint at or show the production process, they become more interesting.

By including the item's history as an integral part of its nature, the designer gives it value.

In traditional slip casting seams will show where the various parts of the mold meet. This caught Scheeper's attention and led him to his graduation project at Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht.

Creating the perfect mold is very time-consuming, so Scheepers chose to experiments with modular molds that allow for more freedom and less time investment.

Using pieces of "pie" made of plaster, Scheepers is able to interchange segments and create a variety of results. In accepting what may appear to be flaws, he has created unique ceramic pieces that have a wide range of beauty marks.



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Photos: Dik Scheepers and Joost Ritzen


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