Design in Gabbia
by sabine7 / September 1, 2010

Design in Gabbia translates to "design in a cage", a tidy way of explaining a design initiative that takes place in a Venetian prison.

Using machinery already in prison workshops, about 40 prisoners are participating in this design project to create and produce practical, multi-purpose cotton accessories based on essential needs.

The shopping bag is full of pockets and a handy Velcro strip on the outside allows soft toys to be close at hand when impatient children need to be entertained during errands.


The multipurpose apron bears stripes of Velcro to hold a variety of kitchen accessories such as oven mitts, dishcloths and potholders.


The pouf is a soft storage container that collects extra bedding and pillows, especially useful for guests. Once full, the container becomes seating.


The wall panel (to be hung horizontally or vertically) combines pockets and more Velcro strips to customize wall storage as needed.

Design in Gabbia came out of a collaboration by Anthony Knight, Studio Imegadito and Raffaella Brunzin, with support from the social co-operative Rio Terà dei Pensieri, which provides training courses and manages employment workshops for prisoners.


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