Danish Crafts Collection 14: Faces Poncho by Maxjenny Forlund
by sabine7 / August 31, 2010

An emphasis on reusability, longevity and social responsibility is the key factor in pieces in the latest Danish Crafts Collection. Re-think, re-duce, re-craft are the calls to action prompted by Crafts Collection 14 to be launched at Maison & Objet.


Faces Poncho by Maxjenny Forlund

This rain jacket is made from a synthetic fabric based on recycled PET bottles, Maxjenny Forslund's specialty. The poncho is one circle that drapes into contours that follow the body's movements. The print is based on paintings by the designer's mother, Swedish painter Margareta Forslund.


Lunchbox in Colour by Sia Mai

This series of glass serving bowls is inspired by the classic Trangia storm cooker and by camping, so as to encourage an indoor picnic. The indentation in the centre provides a place for placing cutlery during transportation.


The reinterpretation of a familiar icon, the lunchbox, is a reflection of the profound changes in our modern lives.


Villa Voice by Dorthe Mailil and Lena Nicolajsen

This Pauwlonia wood villa is home to six small soft characters that have distinct "voices" or sounds that contribute to language acquisition.


"The stories in Villa Voice feature the six Ling sounds that make up the foundation of the child's emerging language. To master the spoken language the child must first be familiar with the Ling sounds, which include, for example, ii, sh, aa. The Ling sounds cover all the frequencies that characterise language sounds in any language."


Landmark Dish by Gunhild Aaberg

This dish of stoneware waves is inspired by the uncontrollable forces of the sea, where sailors need their bearing in order to navigate safely.


Landmark can be used as a dish, but also as a wall-mount to act as a point of reference in a large room.


Stamp Collection by Anne Fabricius Møller

Everyday postage stamps are the print on this tablecloth for everyday living that has been conceived to host plain, hearty meals.


It comes as no surprise that the designer is an avid stamp collector.


Jungle Wallpaper by Maria Kirk Mikkelsen

This children's wallpaper is printed with plants and animals in a jungle motif that kids can colour in, to personalize their space and add value to the décor.

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