My State of the Art: Tricia Choi
by sabine7 / August 27, 2010

San Francisco's Tricia Choi shares her exuberance and the way she sees the world.


No Ordinary Day

If I am making things, I'm happy. I am overjoyed to be an artist--to see the world beyond labels created with the sole intention of containing objects and meaning. I'm grateful to glimpse things for what they are or can be--that's what making art does for me. If I am painting for a show or designing for a client, the beauty in life literally shifts into focus and everything is amazing.

The past two years have definitely been a huge time of growth for me. I'm gaining a sense of space and place through the lines that I draw and drinking in the explosion of creative energy that is now so easily shared through technology. I feel the collective desire for truth, freedom... and a good time. It encourages me to be more authentic and fearless--there are no mistakes, only missed opportunities... to have a good time. So I make myself available to what might come to or from me, resulting in... a great time.


Life Is a Mask or Aid

I think the world is amazing, and it is full of art. There are fascinating and authentic bursts of creativity and passion--I feel so lucky to be hanging out in a time that encourages personal truth and celebration.

I admire the people who see art... everywhere. I admire the people who commit to their own personal growth and leave room for art in their lives, whether it's on a gallery wall, in a blog, on the street, or scraping the sidewalk as it blows by on a gust of wind. People who share joy from what they encounter in life create more space for good, and it is a humbling and wonderful thing to witness.


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