My State of the Art: Quentin de Coster
by sabine7 / August 25, 2010

Optimistic Belgian artist and designer Quentin de Coster quotes from Proust and promotes the importance of values ...


Are you happy as an artist right now?

Yes, I'm happy to be an artist. Marcel Proust said that life can be lived only through art! He's right. I'm young, still studying and I have many projects. However, I have been a little disappointed with my studies so far. I think the most important thing I learned is that design and art cannot be just learned in school. This must be lived.

Is this a time of growth for you?

Of course! I begin to build a philosophy that guides all my projects. In September I will quite my home country (Belgium) to live and study one year in Milan. Italy is an important country for design and I love discovering new ways of working, so it's great!

The recession can still be felt everywhere, but you are still creating wonderful work. How have you been affected?

Yes, it's true that crisis is still there today. Even if the economy goes a little better I think this is far from finished. We are on the verge of many changes! Not only economic but also ecological, educational, political,etc. This is good for creating! I have not really been affected by the crisis. But I am nevertheless aware of the problems that humankind knows today. I love watching debates on television and see the opposing opinions on various topics. Today we are talking instead of making war. I hope this will be enough to find solutions.


Have economic conditions made you pull back? Are you moving forward? Are you treading water, remaining in place?

I continue to progress despite the economic conditions. I never stop a project. I always go through. I meet nice people all the time who help me in my work. We have to move! Go ahead! No lamenting one's fate and waiting for things to happen.

Is making art working out? Do you need to have a day job?

I'm only twenty years old, so I don't need to make lots of money with my projects now and it's great to progress. I do not have children to feed and it allows me to devote myself mainly to the design. I use my youth to move, run, fly.

What do you think of the art world right now?

I think it is a world still too closed. We need more awareness about art. This would benefit everyone. Football is something that interests almost everyone. Who has never watched the World Cup? Art should become more popular. But perhaps it would be the end of Art ... I don't know.

Who do you really admire in the art world right now?

Famous people who are humble. People who are happy to teach their knowledge to the others. I think we should be simple. «Simple as design». I don't like what is complicated.

Who do you think will survive?

People who are motivated and ambitious, who know what they want, who help others, who make connections to solve problems, who have good values...


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