My State of the Art: Matt W. Moore
by sabine7 / August 25, 2010

From Portland to Paris, Matt W. Moore works his signature "vectorfunk" style through digital illustrations, paintings and massive aerosol murals. MWM's work gets more exciting all the time and his colours show no sign of fading...


Are you happy as an artist right now?

Absolutely. I am happy as an Artist, and as a Designer. I've been busy this year working on dream projects, collaborations, and exhibitions. Lots of travel, new friends, new ideas, and fun explorations in my personal studio work.

Is this a time of growth for you?

Yes, in more ways than one. I recently moved to a new studio, so my space has literally grown in size. I've been doing more international exhibitions and projects, so my reach and visibility have grown. And most importantly, I've been trying new things and building upon the ideas and techniques from my past work. I've been working larger and in three dimensions. For sure, it is a time of growth for me.


The recession can still be felt everywhere, but you are still creating wonderful work. How have you been affected?

I have not felt any lulls in my fine art sales and mural painting. My design studio has been busier than ever in the past year, but there was a very pronounced phase after the crash two years ago. Much like the public school analogy, when corners need cut, it's always the art and music departments that go first. It is a shame. But things seem to be right back up to speed now with regards to commercial commissions. Very grateful to my clients for their continued support.

Is making art working out? Do you need to have a day job?

My business model is somewhat of a symbiotic relationship. I run my own one-man studio, MWM Graphics. I keep my lights on doing commercial work, illustration, and graphic design. I moonlight as a fine artist and do elaborate international exhibitions and residencies. Sometimes these shows are lucrative, other times they cover my expenditures for a month abroad making art. It's always worth it for me, as I have my base income from my commercial studio endeavors. And things come full circle in a magical way. The visibility of the fine art stuff refreshes the interest of the creative directors and clients who hire me for jobs.


What do you think of the art world right now?

I love the current vibes in contemporary art. People are pushing envelopes, breaking rules, mashing different ideas together to create new movements. Things are moving at an exponential pace. We have new art supplies, like premium pigment spraypaint, so there are artworks being created now that simply would have been impossible to create twenty years ago. It is an exciting world we live in.


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