My State of the Art: Alex McLeod
by sabine7 / August 24, 2010

Alex McLeod has been wowing us with mysterious digital landscapes that bring to mind secret, hidden laboratories in the deep woods. Alex was happy to hear from us during a long bus ride. We were happy to hear back because we discovered he's the kind of artist who can make us laugh.


Are you happy as an artist right now?
Very! Currently I have been getting such a positive response! It really gets me excited to make more work :D

Is this a time of growth for you?
Always, traveling, reading, eating - they are all ways that help me grow :D

The recession can still be felt everywhere, but you are still creating wonderful work. How have you been affected?
I started showing my work at the peak of the economic downtown, and never expected to sell anything. Now that we are rebounding I appreciate each sale so much!

Have economic conditions made you pull back?
Luckily I don't have a studio to pay for, so my costs of production scale to the exhibition, or commission. Recently I produced two 4'x8' framed prints for MOCCA because of the nature of the exhibition, which I normally wouldn't produce. It's all about scaling to the destination.


Mountain of Greyskull

Are you moving forward?
I think so :D

Are you treading water, remaining in place?

Is making art working out? Do you need to have a day job?
I freelance as a 3d illustrator through LUNCH, which is fantastic as clients often hire me for my particular style.

What do you think of the art world right now?
I think it's like the food world, some good, some expensive :D

Who do you really admire in the art world right now?
Kaws, and Murakami, really any artists that straddle both art and commerce as well as possessing the ability to make fine art accessible.

Who do you think will survive?
The ones that need to :D

Thanks for the great questions. This was fun and made this 10hr bus trip a little shorter ;D


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