Digital Dreams Lighting by Brand van Egmond
by sabine7 / July 30, 2010

Brand van Egmond combines digital photos with lighting to create easily customizable chandeliers that are a reflection of the user.

The frames each contain 1 Gb of internal memory and are combined with glass frames to create two different sizes of chandelier.

Annet van Egmond and William Brand were inspired by photography while working on their book, Lighting Sculptures, and applied this to the creation of Digital Dreams.

The La Vie en Rose system of lighting is based on the creation of a bouquet of roses. From a single rose to a full bunch, the blooms can be chosen at will to create a chandelier or wall sconce of as many components as desired. The flowers can be dressed up further with crystals.

Annet van Egmond and William Brand have just celebrated twenty years of designing lighting sculptures together.


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