Recycle Shoes by Liza Fredrika Åslund
by sabine7 / July 13, 2010

Goatskin meets offcuts in ergonomically shaped pumps by Liza Fredrika Åslund for the first collection of fashion-art from WHAT'S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU®.


The heel of the Recycle Shoe is composed of pieces of wood left over from the construction of chairs and tables. Cut and mounted by hand on an iron pin, the pieces of wood are stacked to form a single unit.


The shoes are designed to provide a more even weight distribution on the ground while the user is walking, in spite of the 120 mm heel. Each model comes in a single colour, while all sport a unifying orange lining.


Another item in the initial WHAT'S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® collection is the Pebble Bag by Tomás Trenchard, who has been inspired by river stones. The clutch is made up of two paper and sand pulp shells coated in a waterproof paint.


The shells are affixed to a wooden frame that doubles as a handle. The bags of grey, burgundy and cobalt are lined in orange cotton; again the colour that marks the pieces in the WHAT'S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® collection.


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