Parts & Labour Restaurant by Castor
by sabine7 / July 7, 2010

A "heavy metal dude ranch" aesthetic is served up at the new Parts & Labour restaurant in Toronto's Parkdale area. Designed by Brian Richer and Kei Ng of Castor Design, Parts & Labour specializes in hearty comfort food.


Custom work from Castor, as well as signature pieces from the multi-disciplinary studio, stands out in the spacious eatery that is already drawing hungry patrons to the Parkdale location.


Parts & Labour offers a mix of food, music, arts and design. The 5000 sq.ft. space seats 160, features live music on two levels and is capped by a rooftop garden and patio.


The 30-foot bar is composed of C channel beams and sits beneath 85 lamps made from recycled fire extinguishers - true Castor! - that have been chopped in half and powder coated.


The bar stools are made from industrial truck spring.


Eight communal tables of veneer-topped oak make up the dining area, spinning off the success of the single huge communal table at Oddfellows, Castor's earlier (and smaller) restaurant.


The aesthetic reflects the food in a simple way. As Richer puts it, "It's about proportion and restraint with some humour."


The kitchen, under the reins of Chef Matty Matheson (who is also at the helm of Oddfellows), will be using produce harvested from the 1,800 sq.ft. roof garden. Apparently surplus crops will be donated to the community


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