Alone In A Crowd Table by Rolf Sachs
by Ryan / June 24, 2010

511 miniature figures representing all walks of life, genders and ages walk alone in a crowd just beneath the surface of a table by Rolf Sachs.


"From afar, one sees only groups and crowds yet when seen up-close, you recognize that each figure is entirely individual and you can discover random and humorous frames of everyday life."


Presented at Art Basel Sachs' 'alone in a crowd' table re-visits the theme of using miniature scale figures, similar in principle to his piece titled 'alone' from 2006. Sachs personally placed 511 Preiser miniature figures in the table. Preiser figures are usually used for architectural models and can be produced in different scales and are all hand-painted. The models used are in HO scale (1:76).


"Barely any of the figures interact with the exception of society's crucial units, such as families, couples and lovers."


"The dramatic juxtaposition of scale puts our own existence in perspective and leads us to realize that ultimately in life we stand alone."


"The clock hands pass above the crowds and demonstrate that we are all only temporary."


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