Mrs. Robinson by Pudelskern
by sabine7 / July 5, 2010

Austria's Pudelskern teased visitors with Mrs. Robinson at this year's Salone Satellite. A plain white chest of drawers that hints at secrets (the flat surface is too well-behaved...), Mrs. Robsinson reveals that her drawers are adorned with colourful patterns.


Mrs. Robinson

Whether visual or tactile, Pudelskern's new work continues to provide texture. Mrs. Robinson's smooth surface is the perfect foil for the embellished drawers.



Saddler's leather seat and backrest are landscapes of soft hills and valleys that look off-putting, but are really very comfortable to "soothe the curves of the rider."


Milky Star

What a back story! This modular system for hanging clothes is inspired by the seeds of the Ornithogalum dubium flower, seen through a microscope. Some of the interlocking Milky Star elements have hooks, and all can be arranged to create a variety of puzzles. Each Milky Star can also stand alone.



The draw of this simple table is the weathered slab of stone pine from the European Alps used for the tabletop. Apparently this wood is rich in essential oils and has an antiseptic essence that has the power to reduce the rate of our heartbeats. The slot in the centre is make Silver easier to move.


Nina Mair & Horst Philipp



This rug is inspired by the oldest millinery studio in the Tyrol, borrowing a technique used by the hatters to create three-dimensional surfaces.


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