Piezo Shower by Weinmann/ Stelmasuk/ Jansson/ Pizá
by Harry / April 23, 2010

A shower that can heat itself independently of an external energy source. The self-heating Piezo Shower uses piezoelectricity, fibers that generate electricity through movement and friction, to heat water that flows through its many pipes. The Piezo fibres are inserted into the pipes which compose the shower, giving it an appealing sculptural shape.


A team made up of Finnish designer Sebastian Jansson, Fernanda Pizà from Mexico, Victor Stelmasuk from Brazil and Natalie Weinmann from Germany came together to design this shower which is both "futuristic yet feasible."


"Focusing on the project's intrinsic morphology, this team of aspiring designers set out to use the flow of incoming water as their only source of energy. Maximizing the surface via a delicate fretwork of pipes intended to convey the water and heat it in the process, they produced a highly original design with a strong metaphorical twist."


"They implemented the concept thanks to cutting edge nanotechnology (currently being developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology): A circuit of Piezoelectric nano-wires - 'which have the property of generating electric potential under stress' - was installed in the shower's tubing, allowing electricity to be generated by the friction that occurs as the water circulates."


"In order to increment the touching area between the tubes and the water, the designers divided them into prolific pathways forming an organic 'vein-like' network akin to the human body's blood circulation system, both in terms of its macro structure and micro ramifications."


"The shower is controlled through a waterproof touch-screen that can be integrated in bathroom tiling. Eco-aware users of this digital interface can not only regulate the water's temperature and pressure, but also monitor their water consumption keeping track of their elapsed shower-time."

Piezo Shower was the 2nd prize winner in the 1st edition of the SaloneSatellite Awards.

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