Pulse Music Box by Johannes Tjernberg & Rasmus Malbert
by Harry / April 7, 2010

Charlie Chaplin's film Modern Times was the inspiration for the Pulse Music Box by Johannes Tjernberg and Rasmus Malbert. It may have a crank and organ pipes but Pulse is a docking station for MP3 players.


Says Johannes, "We regard the music player as the centerpiece of the room. As the traditional street-organ player was the master of the public square, Pulse masters the room and encourages friends to gather around."


The glossy black structure is partially covered in tiles and has a classic brass organ crank for volume control (two speakers and an amplifier are tucked away inside the 'factory'). The architectural body rests on a mirror laminate "as if floating on the surface of a quiet lake. The entire piece is supported by a single leg which is sculpted with notions of playful music from a street organ."

+ johannestjernberg.com
+ rasmusmalbert.com


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