Story Time by Atelier NL
by sabine7 / March 31, 2010

As part of Laikingland's latest series of kinetic objects, Story Time is an unusual wall mounted timepiece that forces us to question how we see time. Created by Atelier NL, Story Time will eventually be part of a range where different authors will tell their tales.


Laik means to play and playfulness is what the Lailkingland collection is all about. The Party Popper Machine by Martin Smith is a fine example of the humour and narrative that is combined in the items. Described as a device of celebration, this is "nonsense machine that elaborately assists you in the firing of party poppers."


The Miniature Lazy Chair by Fresh West is a 1:6 scale version of the full size collapsible display seating that never fails to cause a shock in viewers. The Laikingland item uses a lever to bring down the chair, which then slowly rises once more thanks to a torsion spring.


Other new products in the series that will be shown in Milan under the title Creative Collaborations will be a New Jewellery Box by Ted Noten and a Storm in a Tea Cup by John Lumbus.


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