Fincube House by Studio Aisslinger
by sabine7 / March 29, 2010

Fincube, a sustainable nomadic house, is a transportable "hideaway-in-nature" that requires only 2m2 of soil sealing that can be re-natured when the house moves on.


This tidy smart house, designed by Werner Aisslinger and a developed with a team in the South Tirol, is made entirely of local wood that can be dismantled and rebuilt on a new site.


The windows on all sides are shielded by wooden framework that allows the light to penetrate while offering privacy. This framework also make sit easier for the Fincube to blend into forests, mountainsides or other natural settings.


The 47 m2 of living space offers an open kitchen and living space, one bedroom and a comfortable bathroom.


A central touchpad can control all the house's vital functions.



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