360° Lamp by Pavel Sidorenko
by sabine7 / February 22, 2010

The 360° LAMP by Pavel Sidorenko for Estonia's Adensen is a white plastic circle that bends into shape.


The other side is mirrored, so the choice of surfaces to expose is up to the user. The 360° LAMP is also available in four engraved patterns.




Sidorenko has also designed a series of coat racks that adds some fun to the front hall. Line is a wooden rack for clothes, accessories, mail and newspapers and can be customized by using the various Todo hangers.


Fence is a similar rack, aimed at kids who might be inspired by the fun factor to keep things tidy. The design of the Todo corded hangers allows small items such as pens and small books and toys to be kept off the floor.


The Todo series of accessories are designed to complement the Fence and Line coat racks. Each "hanger" has two different wooden icons that hang from each end of coloured cord.


The Fence free-standing room divider is a birch plywood divider suitable for kids' rooms and for use as a clothes rack.


Also for kids' rooms is the Smart Kid Conversion Kit, a modular line of furniture that begins life as a crib with surrounding drawers and change table, then morphs into a playpen, a chalkboard, a desk and a bed. The set is suitable for children up to ten years of age.

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