Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Podium by James Lee & Leo Obstbaum
by sabine7 / February 4, 2010

The snow-topped mountains of Vancouver and Whistler are reflected in the fluidity of the organic forms of the 23 individual and team podiums that will be used for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.


Designed by James Lee and Leo Obstbaum, the podiums are made from wood donated by communities, businesses, individuals and First Nations from across British Columbia.


To be used during the Victory Ceremonies, or medal presentations, the podiums are made from Western red cedar and Douglas fir by newly trained wood workers in Vancouver's inner city.


The podiums range in size from 4.8 metres to 15.3 m in length, 1.7 m to five m in depth and half a metre tall at their highest point ― the spot reserved for gold medalists. The lightest podiums weigh approximately 200 kilograms while others range up to 260 kg. They will be used in 86 Olympic and 64 Paralympic Victory Ceremonies and are easily accessible for all athletes.


Also designed by Lee and Obstbaum are the wooden trays that will be used to present the medals. The trays have a non-slip surface in order to keep the medals in place.



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