Intelligent Home Energy Management by Intel & IDEO
by Ryan / February 1, 2010

Wading through the sea of new processors in Intel's 2010 CES booth, we came across the Intelligent Home Energy Management proof of concept. Based around a low-power Atom processor and OLED touch screen, the concept aims to make energy management in the home fun and easy for the whole family.


While energy monitoring systems were a clear trend throughout the show, Intel's system differed by putting both hardware and software design at the highest priority. Developed in partnership with IDEO, the system features a large Hello/Goodbye switch on the top of the device which activates pre-arranged settings to help the users save energy and money.


Wireless outlet sensors feed energy usage data to the dashboard, which also acts as a centralized home information center, monitoring security systems, package tracking, home maintenance and more.


The energy management screen enables users to keep tabs on their real-time energy usage, reduce costs, pay bills, and earn rewards. With individual sensors monitoring appliances, family members can see exactly where energy is being used and learn how to improve performance.


With a fully expandable platform, applications such as a UPS package tracker add additional functionality to the dashboard. Other applications supplied by Intel include baby monitors, weather updates, traffic reports, family video memos, and emergency-broadcast applications.


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