Skyscraper Vases by Constantin Boym
by Harry / December 27, 2009

One of the new 2010 collections for Gaia & Gino, Constantin Boym's Skyscrapers are the result of the designer's interest in architectonic expression for tabletop objects.


Says Boym, ''As a former architect, I have been long interested in architectonic expression for tabletop objects. Skyscraper vase is a seemingly random assortment of miniature crystal towers. It appears almost immaterial in its multifaceted transparency. The vase assumes a different meaning when an organic form of a flower or branch is introduced inside. The composition is based on contrast between the linear and the organic, between transparency and materiality, between artificial and natural.''


Also by Constantin Boym, Matrix Centerpiece and Tealights


Gino figurine by Harry Allen

Says Allen, "For my first collection for Gaia&Gino, Gaye asked me to work on some dog products, and as part of that exploration I developed a little dog figure as a representation of Gino. The block figure will eventually be translated across many platforms, but here it takes the form of a cluster of crystal blocks. A three-dimensional, transparent, digitized, Gino - woof!"


Also by Allen, Metropolitan vases

"Over the years, I have has adopted the theme of clusters in a variety of different forms. I have worked with clusters of wooden blocks to build furniture, clusters of tin cans to build storage units, and now for Gaia&Gino, clusters of optical crystal blocks to build vases. In the Metropolitan Collection the glass blocks are stacked like bricks to build sleek modern forms reminiscent of urban architecture. They stand alone as sculptures or play brilliant foil to the organic forms of flowers."


Candleholder & Tealight holder Collection by Jaime Hayon

"The optical projects explores, through shapes, incisions and sanding, variations of light effect on crystal. The different techniques are used to invite or challenge light's entry and create playful effects that allow us to discover the magic of light inside crystal structures."


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