Ryan Heiser's 2009 Design Top 5
by Ryan / January 5, 2010

Self admittedly tech-obsessed, Ryan Heiser also has a keen eye for design (being a designer himself). When combined it can sometimes result in Xradyo.
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Ryan Heiser
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Do Lo Rez Rug by Ron Arad for Nanimarquina

In my opinion, one thing that can really make a room go from looking "great" to "amazing" is an unusual or interesting rug, like this incredible design from Ron Arad. Being somewhat tech-obsessed I can appreciate the abstract, pixelated design and I absolutely love the color combinations (especially the blues and grays). Until I can afford this I might have to resort to cutting squares and patterns out of my current boring, rectangular rugs!


Clouds by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Kvadrat

I love the warmth and depth this product gives to a room, which I think has really been missing lately with cold, minimalist designs. These tiles have almost unlimited potential with their various colors, modularity, and innovative design. Stunning in photos and even more so in person.


Axor Urquiola by Patricia Urquiola for Hansgrohe

From one of my favorite designers of all time, definitely one of my favorite projects for the year. I've seen this gorgeous collection many times this year and each time I linger around the display environment a little longer. The complete line is more than 80 pieces, and each one is so unique yet cohesive as a collection. Not only are the products themselves excellent, but the total room environments created by Urquiola for various trade shows throughout the year are so beautiful and inspiring! Modern eclectic design at its best.


The Aqua Tower by Studio Gang Architects

Ok, so I might be biased living in Chicago and seeing this tower every day on my commute, but I believe this is one the best pieces of architecture completed this year. When I first saw renderings of the project, I thought it was too extreme and was doubtful it would fit into Chicago's skyline. However, after watching it go up and seeing it completed, I've been totally won over by the architects. The innovative, organic design is just so cool looking! I love how they were able to take what is essentially a box, and turn it into flowing hills and dunes surrounded by pools of water. Nice!


Diesel Home Collection by Diesel Creative Team
(produced by Foscarini and Moroso)

I first saw this collection during Milan Design Week and immediately fell in love with it. My favorite piece has to be the Xradyo coffee table; it's a very simple shape with little hairpin-like legs but has a crazy cool top surface! The X-ray image of DJ turntables is so fresh and unique! Now if only my wife shared the same affection towards X-rayed sea creatures and DJ equipment as I do...

Lead photo: Josef Samuel


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