L'anima Sensibile Delle Cose by Deepdesign
by sabine7 / December 18, 2009

With a focus on the practical aspects of design for daily living, it is no wonder that work by deepdesign is the subject of an exhibition at Triennale Design Museum in Milan.


The Flat Piano by Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti is a good example of how the team responds to everyday needs. The sound qualities of a grand piano are translated into a contemporary electronic version suitable for a smaller space. When not in use, the piano becomes a dining table.


The Flexica electric broom sports a motor housing and vacuum bag that slides along the articulated shaft that can be bent to up to 90 degrees, ideal for cleaning under very low furniture.


The Winds hairdryer is designed to reduce strain in the arm while providing concentrated air flow.


Among other designs by deepdesign are the Pulse washing machine for Whirlpool (above) and the Bluebell floor lamp with adjustable lighting on three stalks.


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